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At d&a we are inspired by the people who open new horizons. We partner with change makers, big and small because it is only together that we will drive change for the better. Learning from them is an experience that we want to share with you.

Dr Jane Goodall is the legendary scientist, conservationist, and humanitarian whose groundbreaking discoveries shaped our understanding of what it is to be human. Today her work focuses on urging each of us to take action on behalf of all living things and planet we share leading The Jane Goodall Institute.

Jane Goodall

Dr. Siyabulela Mandela is the Team Leader for Journalists for Human Rights in South Sudan and recently obtained a Ph.D. in International Relations and Conflict Resolution in the Department of Politics and Conflict Studies at Nelson Mandela University, South Africa. He is Nelson Mandela’s grandson and dedicates his work as a tribute to his family.

North Korean defector Yeonmi Park is a human rights activist and author. She is becoming a leading voice of oppressed people around the world through her writing, speaking and work as a director at the Human Rights Foundation.

Yeonmi Park

Marci Zaroff coined the term “ECOfashion” in 1995 and is an internationally-recognized ECOlifestyle expert, educator, innovator, serial entrepreneur, and author.

Also Founder of Under the Canopy, Producer of “THREAD Documentary I Driving Fashion Forward,”and Co-Founder of Good CatchBeyondBrands and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Marci has been instrumental in driving authenticity, environmental leadership & social justice worldwide for over three decades.

MArci Zaroff

Ndale Nyengela is a children rights activist, a World’s Children’s Prize ambassador, a student in law and bar candidate projecting to become a lawyer after graduating. When he was 11, he was abducted by armed troups to become a child soldier and held for 3 years until he was rescued by The Congolese organization BVES, freeing and rehabilitating child soldiers,  through the World’s Children’s Prize Program. This difficult experience led him to  focusing his work on educating other children on their rights. Ndale was also selected to represent all children who have been abducted and forced to join armed groups on the WCP Child Jury. Supported by World’s Children’s Prize and BVES. Discover his story and help drive awareness.

Ndale Nyengela

Chris Storey is the Director of the Portuguese branch of Sea Shepherd, a non-profit conservation organisation with one goal: to protect the world’s delicate marine ecosystem from utter annihilation using a series of ships to navigate across the world.

Chris Storey
Patricia Velásquez is an award-winning actress, supermodel, philanthropist, activist and author. She is the Organization of American States (OAS) Goodwill Ambassador for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.
She founded the Wayúu Tayá Foundation in 2002 to help improve the lives of Latin-American indigenous communities while maintaining and respecting their traditions, culture and beliefs. She was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace in 2003 and she is Member Leadership Council of The Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet.


We are honoured to join forces with valuable partners engaged in making our watches sustainably sourced, socially engaged and swiss made.

d&a partnered with atelier Oï, a Swiss design studio who signed creations for the most famous luxury brands, to develop a monobloc watch case with a minimalistic shape to optimize the operating range during manufacturing. Their expertise has been very instrumental in combining a sophisticated design and an uncompromising quality.

the minimalistic and conceptual design of Selman, the NY based design lab renowned for its engaged artwork, was the answer d&a was looking for to inspire people to be the change they want to see. They gave birth to the subtle graphism visible at a second look featuring engaged messages of peace, diversity and ecology.

it took two years of research and development for d&a to establish a sustainable value chain for a sophisticated Swiss watch while remaining at an affordable price. Overcoming this challenge owes a lot to JER, a highly qualified engineering company specialized in industrialization process applying ultimate technology.

a partner

Whether you are an artist, an investor, a journalist or a concerned citizen you can be a change maker. Every step matters. Are you interested in working with us to drive more positive impact? Drop us a note now!

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