CSER policy

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility policy


We believe another business model based on a self-regenerating principle is possible; A business model that is mutually beneficial and gives back to the environment and surrounding communities. We apply this principle from the value chain of our product and services right up to the value proposition of our offer in the market. Therefore, the CSER policy of d&a is part of an ecosystem based on our values, a sustainable value chain, a responsible value proposition, in collaboration with partners and clients.


This policy applies to d&a and its subsidiaries. It also applies to suppliers and partners via a supplier’s code of conduct. The d&a CSER is dual: compliance and proactiveness.

1. Compliance refers to d&a’s commitment to legality and willingness to observe community values. This commitment is enforced by a continuous improvement towards rigorous sustainability standards.
2. Proactiveness refers to d&a’s initiatives to promote human rights, help communities and protect our natural environment. This commitment is enforced by our daily activity which aims at empowering people to act in favor of peace, diversity and ecology.


1. With economic responsibility, legality & business ethics, d&a aims to:
  • Take initiatives aiming at conciliating revenue and profit with economic, social and environmental benefits.
  • Respect the law and ensure that all its business operations are compliant and legitimate.
  • Perform ethical business practice (anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices) and provide fair labour conditions for its employees as well as the employees of its suppliers.
  • Provide direct support to counterbalance the race for profit at any cost to support projects intended to preserve our environment and promote a fairer world.
  • Apply life cycle thinking to increase the sustainable management of resources and achieve efficiency along both production and consumption phases.
  • Keep partnerships and collaborations open and transparent and, where ever possible, perform due diligence and audit from qualified and independent bodies.
2. With protecting people and community, d&a means to:
  • Follow an ethical business conduct, protect human rights, secure equal opportunity and fair labor practices throughout the value chain.
  • Operate a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace culture for employees, partners and clients.
  • Perform an Impact, Risk and Opportunity Management that goes beyond mitigating negative environmental, social and economic impacts and aims at maximizing positive impacts.
  • Promote a culture of health and safety reinforced by company-wide efforts to achieve zero incidents.
  • Align supply management with a fair-trade approach based on balanced shared benefit.
  • Request our suppliers to guarantee ethical labour conditions.
  • Maintain a confidential feedback mechanism and conduct regular audits.
  • Engage suppliers and partners on the above-mentioned practice in favour of people and community via our Supplier’s code of conduct.
3. With protecting the environment and animals, d&a means to:
  • Fulfil made-to-last and minimalistic designs to optimize resources and the product life cycle for a positive environmental impact.
  • Use as renewable and bio-sourced material where possible. Recycled solutions are privileged over the use of synthetic, extracted and/or refined materials. Products are certified vegan and do not result from animal abuse or killing.
  • Develop reusable packaging that can be repurposed in a second life application.
  • Manage supply chains within the ecological boundaries for an intelligent use of resources for the sake of future generations.
  • Optimize it’s logistics and transportation and reduce its energy use in order to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Engage in favor of a transparent value chain and work within a framework of continuous improvement to reduce the environmental impact of our business.
  • Apply a sustainability assessment and management system via a protocol monitored on a regular basis.
  • Encourage suppliers and partners to engage, on the above-mentioned practices, in favour of the environment and animals via our Supplier’s code of conduct.


1. With engagement, d&a means:
  • That a balanced relationship with the environment and between its inhabitants, all genera and species combined is possible.
  • Not just limiting unwanted effects on the planet and communities where we operate, but inviting that community to reduce their negative impacts as much as possible as well.
  • Exercise joint environmental management and encourage stakeholders engagement on the same.
  • Changing current mindsets and attitudes as technological solutions alone will not preserve our planet. Therefore, we abide by a pro-active and responsible business model that actively supports projects intended to preserve the environment and promote a fairer world.
2. With support, d&a means:
  • 10% of the revenue supports projects that focus on issues related to peace, diversity and ecology. These programs should be designed to preserve the environment and promote a fairer world.
  • Encourage employees, partners and clients to volunteer through programs organized by our NGOs partners.
  • Empower people to take initiatives and post environmental and/or social projects on our website to mobilize resources and make a real difference.
3. With learning & improving, d&a means:
  • Actively investing in R&D and remaining open to suggestions that help continuously improve efficiency and operations.
  • Inviting the community to formulate suggestions and apply an open-source philosophy so that solutions benefit all and ultimately improve our natural and social environment.
  • Measuring performance and striving for continuous improvement via a holistic sustainable management system that KPIs on relevant criteria and identifying incidents to be corrected in a preventive manner.

Disclaimer: This policy template is meant to provide general guidelines and should be used as a reference. It may not take into account all relevant local, state or federal laws and is not a legal document. Neither the author nor Workable will assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of this policy.