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It stands for “decide & act”. Our name was inspired by the change we want to drive with our NGO partners.

The nobility of a material, its finesse and its beauty loses its emotional value when produced from animal suffering or at the cost of degrading our environment.

Bio-sourced, vegan and recycled material offer alternatives whose physical performance and aesthetic quality meet the highest standards of luxury while respecting our planet and its occupants.

Choosing responsible consumption is the first step towards a sustainable and responsible economic order. Therefore, we have decided that our watches must set an example by stopping contributing to the degradation of living conditions on our planet and provide our fellow human beings with the means to take concrete action in favor of our communities and our environment.

Yes, we offer a 2-year international warranty.

A  movement operated by vibrations of a quartz crystal activated electrically.

As part of our sustainability endeavour, the strap material is made out of organic material, which is not waterproof. For the cleaning of your strap, only use pure water with care and avoid exposure to seawater, bleaching or chlorinating agents.