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press release: d&a the responsible Swiss watch

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In December 2021 the responsible Swiss watch brand, d&a launches its ‘Original’ collection which constitutes three lines of socially engaged designs. Welcoming Peace Bomb, Ecoflage and Endless Handshake.

The new brand , d&a marries design artwork with high quality swiss watchmaking to support causes important for our future: Peace, Diversity and Ecology.

“To protect and promote a rich and diverse world, we need to go beyond green design”, said CEO Alexander Mehdi Bennouna.

“if a watch says something about you, it should be what you really care about! “, continues Bennouna.

Therefore d&a, presents a watch designed to inspire and promote changemakers for the benefit of a better world that is:

Sustainably sourced
80% 316L recycled stainless steel, PETA certified vegan strap with recycled PET & cactus leather
Socially engaged
bespoke designs made to show what you stand for in partnership with NGOs
Swiss made
all the savoir-faire with a responsible twist

d&a - EcoFlage Forest DNA

d&a prioritizes the regeneration of the ecosystem and its biodiversity with each pivotal step designed to operate within ecological boundaries. Designed and made in Switzerland, d&a watches are manufactured using recycled or bio sourced material and renewable energy wherever possible. The watch strap is vegan, made from cactus leather and recycled PET fiber and the packaging, also made of bio sourced materials, is reusable.

The watch case has been designed by Atelier Oi, a multi-awarded design studio in Switzerland, who signed creations for the most prestigious luxury brands. The strap design is the result of a collaboration with Selman Design in New York, known for their conceptual, minimalist and engaged artwork. The outcome is a stunning, yet very subtle and sophisticated design:

  • The Peace Bomb line reveals three color options illustrating bomb shells and patterns on which doves of peace spread their wings.
  • The Ecoflage line features a subtle and sophisticated scenery with animal silhouettes as a statement for protection of nature and its inhabitants.
  • The Endless Handshake celebrates diversity with a colorful variety of hands shaking in a creative interpretation of the Burlington pattern.

Each line is available in three color options. But the design’s most exciting and unique aspect is the versatile reversible strap allowing two dress-up combinations in one.

The CEO explains the motivation behind d&a, “the planet belongs to all of us and together we can make it a better place. A growing number of people are becoming aware of these issues but precious time is lost in debate and confrontation”.

The purpose of the d&a watch is set: turn intention into action by inspiring people to engage in favor of peace, diversity and ecology.

The brand places the power in the hands of the people and gives back to a range of NGOs. Short-term profit maximization leads to abuses that are harmful to the environment and vulnerable communities. d&a addresses the origin of the problem. The Original Collection pledges 10% of retail price to a cause the customer chooses and stands for. This is redefining the watch, taking it from an accessory to something that actually makes a difference.

our NGO partners

d&a - NGO Partners

Launching on the d&a web site – – The ‘Original’ collection will retail from CHF295 | £210 | EUR 295| $295.

For further information, please contact:

About DecideAndAct

Established in 2020, d&a is founded by Alexander Bennouna and Martin Riemer. Both based in Switzerland, have experience in the luxury watch market. Their expertise and passion for sustainability inspired them to launch d&a, which is now unique of its kind in Switzerland: responsible, transparent and high-quality. The company is privately held.

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d&a value chain
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