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To find out more about our watches, our business model or our brand’s mission please contact us at hello@decideandact.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Anyone can drive change and a small action can make a big difference. We consider that traditional craftmanship and great fashion should never mean damaging the earth and its inhabitants.

This is why we only partner with individuals committed to driving change, whether it is about breaking stereotypes, normalizing differences or helping everyone make more sustainable choices.

If you’re looking for an incredible watch brand that’s interested in making our world a better place, then you’re in luck! By now we’ve all started making changes, regardless of the size, to make a positive impact on the world. 

Alanna Doherty - Blogger

We know why fast fashion brands aren’t working – for us, for those working under them and for our planet. That’s why we need to start buying from brands that value peace, diversity and ecology.

Aaliya Davids - Content Creator

Driving change for me is to encourage people to be who they are and express themselves through fashion, I love how this creates unity & peace across the community

Oliver Bromfield - Influencer

There isn’t anything that makes me happier than vegan conscious, sustainable, eco friendly products. and this watch is all of those things!

Mitra Yosri - Digital creator

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Our founder and CEO, Alexander Bennouna has poured his passion and values into this brand. To learn more about the magic behind d&a check out some of his most recent interviews here.

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